My life and my work, both in forestry and textiles, are continually and dually inspired by the simple and traditional, by process and the natural world.

I am deeply moved by the uncomplicated, honest and time honoured tasks of life. Whether it's cultivating my garden, looking for and reporting wildfires in the boreal forest, tending to honeybees, foraging for medicines and colour, weaving, dyeing, spinning or knitting, I am, each time, brought back to the beauty in such simple but necessary acts of existence.

The practice and long lasting results of handcraft, hardwork, fibre and plant dyes come together as a functional art grounded in usefulness, shelter, beauty and tradition. These are concepts I aim to integrate in my textile work. I am a cloth maker.

About my work

I am a hand weaver utilizing a few aged, wooden floor looms committed to using 100% natural fibres, organic whenever possible and natural dyes. Unusable fibre and spent dyestuff is composted and usually water usage is harnessed rainwater. I organically grow, harvest and forage dyes in my garden and around the fire lookout, in the Boreal forest, that I sit on for 6 months of the year. I sometimes supplement colour with extracts from Earthues, a small natural dye company in WA, USA. Due to the nature of this work, colour is seasonal.

Pattern and fibre choice is inspired by where I dwell, the natural world around me and also by the ultimate function of the piece. Colour is, of course, inspired by the natural world and often times by who the original design or item is for. In my studio practice, one project often inspires the next, time on the land often motivates the next colour exploration.

Production is limited and is possibly one of a kind. I have work available at Itsy Bitsy Yarn Shop in Whitehorse, Yukon and at the Atlin Arts & Music Festival Head Quarters in Atlin, BC or if you're interested in a custom colour or cloth, don't hesitate to contact me. I also attend various pop up shops and markets in Atlin and the Yukon throughout the winter. 

I greatly enjoy and welcome collaboration. Please be in touch if you're interested in working together!


Thank you.